About Statue Stories Chicago

Statue Stories Plaque

Chicago's celebrated actors, writers and theatres have united to give voice to iconic statues across the city. 

Type a short URL into your smartphone and get a ‘call back’ from the likes of Abe Lincoln, Paul Laurence Dunbar or a talking cow.

Using drama, humor and location technology, Statue Stories Chicago breathes new life into the city’s marvelous public art collection. 

There is no cost to talk to the statues. Only network charges apply.

February 2021 update

Statue Stories Chicago signs are no longer on the street.  But the good news is that you can still hear the statues speak.

Here’s how:

- Use this website, or our downloadable map, to decide which statue you’d like to hear from

- Next, look for the short URL beneath each statue's photo

- Type the short URL into the browser of your mobile telephone (please note this URL will not work on a computer) 

- In a moment your phone will ring - and you’ll hear what your statue has to say for itself!

- You can also download our Statue Stories map to take part in a walking, talking statues tour of Chicago